Zombie Panic V0.91a - 0.91d Patch

This patch will update Zombie Panic from Version 0.91a to 0.91d. Both servers and normal players...


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File Description

This patch will update Zombie Panic from Version 0.91a to 0.91d.

Both servers and normal players should download this patch.

Download the V0.91a FULL Installer HERE.

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Zombie Panic! v 0.91d Changelog:

- SVAR "mp_startdelay" added (Default is "20"). This sets the number of seconds until the round starts once there is more than 1 person on the server. (This was already in last version, but we're documenting it in this one.)

- Crowbar damage upped to 35 from 10

- Shotgun damage lowered from 200 damage (10 per pellet with 20 pellets total) to 140 damage (7 per pellet with 20 pellets total)

- Fixed Satchel duplication bug.

- Fixed Weaponstay "feature".

- Fixed ammo selector text from "9mm" to ".45 cal"

- New versions of:
- zp_clubzombo
- zp_eastside
- zp_thelabs
- zp_town
- zp_paranoid

- New map: zp_rhs22 (Rhinehold Street 22 - Haunted House. Thanks Toni Hiltunen aka. tnoh!)

- Zombie model altered

- Survivor model gets his backpack (Thanks Clashen, even though it was a quick fix!)

- Survivor now drops the backpack instead of the HL weapon cannister

- The 100 round ammo box for the M-16 is no longer the backpack (This was a model mess up).

- Portions of Zyndrome's Pack-O-Rama(Thanks Zyndrome!):
- New HUD-font for numbers.
- New Crosshairs for Handgun, .357, Shotgun and Colt 556AR.
- New Voice Communications icon.
- Bullet-casing sounds (when they hit the ground).

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