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Maps Outskirsts - modded v2.0

A Halo 2 PC mod.


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Maps Abyss

This is a brand new map from Slaters Fury called the Abyss. The Abyss is a map that suits all types of players - the deviant snipers, the sh...


Maps Arctic Frost

Review coming soon. Sorry people.


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Maps Vertigo

I made this map mostly for race. But,I through in an extra base, I was pleasantly surprised when I played Assault with 10 people it p...


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Other H2 Windows XP Icons

Hello Halo followers, Today I have brought a blessing to appease the masses, it is Halo 2 windows XP icons. That is correct I can...


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Maps Scorpion Dance

Hello Halo 2 gamers, Today we bring you another space map from the creative mind of an unknown source. No that’s not his/her name we...


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Other Halo 2 for windows vista game manual

Hello hello hello! Well there isn't much to say on this one folks, If you lost your game manual or downloaded the game illegally (FILE...


Maps Ice Canyon

P'nawn da or as they say in English good afternoon, yes that’s right I am currently learning welsh so need to use it as often as possible....


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Other Trees Tags Models (MAX)

Hello again Halo files community I bring gifts of trees today for all you people who use 3d studio max to make halo 2 vista maps! That...


Maps Sol System

After my weeks holiday I come back to find a new submission in the halo files submissions inbox. With the name sol system, I automatically a...


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Other 3DS Vehicle Size Comparison Guide.

Well ladies and gentlemen. This is a strange addition to our file list. Now this handy little 3DS file has blocks in it that each are mea...


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Tools ASS Exporter

Hello everyone. No before you ask this does not export a 3d representation of master chief’s butt. It does infact offer a service to m...


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Maps Frostbite

Well. Today ladies and gentlemen, today comes a map that has pleased me greatly. As it isn’t just built for Team Death Match! Please welcome...


Maps Ice Canyon

Good day to you lords and ladies of halo files, and today we bring you something which I’ve got to admit, I was very impressed with. Ice...


Maps Battle Zone

Good day halo files community. And today we have a fairly interesting map to take a look at; “Battle Zone” named appropriately yet from furt...


Maps Devil's Canyon

Well well well…. what have we got today, Devil’s canyon? Sounds satanic. Well sorry to disappoint you devil worshipers, it doesn’t seem t...


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Maps Urban Warfare

Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today I am uploading for your enjoyment a fairly awesome map. The name of it…. Urban Warfare, definite...


Maps Summerwinder

Vista halo 2 map fanatics rejoice! Another halo 2 vista map approaches and let me just say, it will definitely stay in my map folder. Upo...


Maps Demolition

This is a map I've been Working on and off for a while. I think it would be a great slayer map, But all gametypes work except CTF, I reall...


Maps Slaters Fury Map Pack

This is a map pack of all the maps I have made. Included in the pack is Ice Canyon, Blood Gorge 1 and 2, Devils Canyon, Battle Zone, Seren...


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