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A mini-Review on Halo wars!

14 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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So today my fellow Halo fan boys and fan gals I'm going to treat ya'll with a mini-review on halo wars. [u]Graphics[/u] Lets start out with the graphics first, They seem to be a lot better than Bungies cuts cense, more smooth life like the human AI had clothes on (little joke there), However my only gripe with graphics is that when you are in-game they seem too bright! When I was firing the MAC I thought I would need sun glasses :D, then again I guess a MAC blast is meant to be bright eh?. I found the animation in general to be good, smooth and crisp as well. [b]9/10[/b] [u]Sound check[/u] Voice actors were good, I liked Forge (Nolan North) he was really good for the part of no non-sense marine. Infact all the voice actors were good. The best line ever in this game came form Regret and 'Moramee (the arby) talking during one point Regret yelled Blasphemy it was really cheesy.. The sounds of the game where realistic like bomb shells going off, the Splazer firing everything felt Halo-ish! [b]10/10[/b] [u]Gameplay[/u] Well I'm afraid to say the campaign was short even shorter if you were playing on easy. Again there was no real depth to the game. Do you know how freaking hard it is to control the soldiers only (I mean hitting the RB selects everything then your screwed) and you want to flank the AI with tanks then next thing you know your tanks are right there in front of the soldiers hummm Flanking failed, some type of Number assignment for the units would have been neat. There isn’t really much else to say the Skirmish mode and online play are good two simple game play variants to pick Standard and Deathmatch! Standard being you start out with 800 ummm supplies and stuff the basic game play and Deathmatch you start with over 10k in supplies. My overall ratting is 7/10 needs some work but sense the game studio is out of business I doubt there will be a halo wars 2 or patches, or a PC port…Anyways I had a blast and still am. If you can look past everything you'll see there is some fun to be had.

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