Annoucing Two New Site Features!

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It's a genuine pleasure to announce that after much testing, the Picture of the Month will be returning to Halofiles. The initial test that was conducted by the staff some months ago was a complete success, but we felt that there were many questions outstanding that needed to be answered before the feature went fully live. There was also some fairly vocal complaints from some members of the community as to who was picking the PotM. After much discussion, the staff have decided that we will continue to pick 3 Pictures of the Day from the previous month. This may change in the future, but for now we think it is best. We would also like to announce a completely new feature, the File of the Month. Many people have emailed in asking why the File of the Week and the Featured Files have been unchanged for some time. The reason for this that the staff were recording download statistics for the files when they were on the front page, compared to when the files were just text links or not mentioned at all on the home page. We've done the math and its shows that the number of average downloads for a file increases when it is featured on the home page. For the moment the staff will pick the File of the Month just like the PotM. However we do plan to have members vote on the File of the Month when we have a system worked out. The Picture of the Month will be active from tonight and the File of the Week by next Monday. Thank you for your time -The HaloFiles Team [i][b]Update:[/i][/b]The Picture of the Month is live as of 16:47 GMT

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