Frankie lets MTV in on the secret to keeping secrets

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Frankie recently had an [url="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1536929/20060721/index.jhtml?headlines=true&rsspartner=rssNetvibes"]interview[/url] with Stephen Totilo of MTV.com about keeping secrets in the gaming industry. [quote][Frankie] is sitting on the mother lode of information he's just not going to release. "We're in a really, really secretive period right now. We don't want to give away any features. We don't want to give away any plot. We don't want to give away any locations. We don't want to give away any weapons. All that stuff is pretty much final. The funny thing is as secretive as we are now, everything is sort of carved into stone."[/quote] As you can see, don't get your hopes up that the next weekly update will reveal a mind-blowing feature of Halo 3. Almost everything must be kept under wraps, and the flow of information is controlled very carefully (except for one close call described in the interview). Fortunately, despite their thirst for information, game journalists may also respect that secrecy (as the journalist did in said incident, agreeing to cut the leak from her article). If you thought [i]you[/i] took the game seriously, game company employees such as Frankie receive death threats over updates and information. And keeping his lips sealed doesn't just apply to the weekly updates, forums, and e-mails. Anyone that visits Bungie.net knows Frankie's face and would recognize him out on the street. Strangers, his friends, even his wife - he can't tell them anything that he couldn't tell the rest of the public. [quote]Frank O'Connor also knows that the guy he gets coffee from at Starbucks every morning is aware of this. The Starbucks guy knows that O'Connor works at Bungie, the company that makes "Halo." "You can tell he's just itching to ask things," O'Connor told MTV News. But the Starbucks guy doesn't. Sometimes friends come over to O'Connor's house and bring up questions about the mightiest brand of first-person shooters on home consoles. "What's a 'Halo?' " he says every time. "My wife always hits me when I say that." He doesn't tell her anything about the game either. [/quote] Click [url="http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1536929/20060721/index.jhtml?headlines=true&rsspartner=rssNetvibes"]here[/url] to read the rest of the interview, and stay tuned to Bungie and Halofiles for updates.

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