Halo 2 Interview

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Gamespy has posted up an 8 page long interview with the guys at bungie to talk about Halo 2. The questions where pick from certain fan emails sent to gamespy for them to ask the Bungie crew. Here's a snippet from this interview: [quote]I've heard that the Warthog will have multiple gears, each with its own torque. Do you know if it will be manual or automatic? Well, we're sorry to disappoint you, Mike, but it looks like you're only half right. According to Mr. O'Connor: It's an Auto. There are gear ratios, but not ones you can manually select! When it comes to the Warthog, it seems that everyone wants to know if any new models will be debuting in the game. The man known only as "Joe" says: There will be several type of warthogs. These are the ones I know of. Troop Transport (instead of a gun in the back there will be seating) Snow Level oriented Hog, (White and has treads like the tank instead of wheels) and finally a normal warthog, except that it is camoflauged (colored) to blend in with jungle levels.[/quote] Head to Gamespy to read up on more!

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