Halo 2 Interview

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C&VG has posted up a interview with Pete Parsons. Here's a snippet from the interview: [quote] What do you play at home? Pete Parsons: I really like Knights of the Old Republic; I think the guys over at BioWare are awesome. I had a lot of fun with Project Gotham Racing 2 and Pandora Tomorrow. Other than that it's been solid Halo 2. We've been playing system link multiplayer for a long time now and we got the Live alpha code in January so we've been playing online with about 1,000 Microsoft employees. Now we've got the beta code it just keeps getting better and we can't wait until everyone out there gets their hands on it. You must have guys in the office who are phenomenal at Halo 2 multiplayer? Pete Parsons: We've got some guys who are just amazing. I'm not one of them - I'm middle of the road at best! Even within the Microsoft employees on our beta test, we've got some of the best players in the world who give us great feedback, but we're all constantly amazed at how good the real players out there are. I really think Halo 2, with all the new features and Live support, will really give them the chance to show off their skills. So what's down the road for Bungie?[/quote]

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