Halo 3 Beta? Best thing since sliced bread

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Published by TheSlinger 12 years ago , last updated 2 years ago
Halo 3 Beta. Some may say it the best thing since sliced bread, and some may say that its crappy. For all of you that think it's bad, go tell it to some one who will listen to that. I think that the Halo 3 Beta is indeed, the best thing since sliced bread, and I will tell you why, and review the maps, all in one news post. The Beta Begins On May 16th of 2007, the Halo 3 Beta was released... sorta. Some people had it released to them with no problems. Others (myself included) had some technical difficulties with downloading it though Crackdown. Bungie was puzzled by this, and reported immediately to Xbox Live Staff. No word on what the actual problem was, but on May 17th, of 2007, the Crackdown community started up their Xbox's, yelled and downloaded the Beta. The Menu It's buggy and it gave me some problems, but its beta and hardly expected to work fully. It's your basic Halo 2 style Matchmaking setup, in fact it probably is from Halo 2. The Maps Now. This is the part of Halo alot of gamers are looking for. "Are the graphics good", they might ask. The answer is yes. the graphics are outstanding. The water, snow, and dirt, everything is great. Looking into the maps briefly, then moving onto the other aspects (such as guns 'n stuff.) Highground From the overhead picture, you can see its a Fort in the cliffs. One team charges from the lower beah area, and one team defends the fort. if the fort is overtaken however, the map knows that now, the team that charged it (say red) now spawns because they have successfully over taken it. then blue will spawn at the beach, and charge. The Map is medium sized, and a bunch o fun. Snowbound Snowbound is a map with 2 bases. They are both interconnected by tunnels, and the tunnels almost lead outside. The cool thing about the tunnels and bases, is that they have shields on the doors that block bullets from hitting you when you first walk in. They will not protect you when your enemy is inside with you. This is the only map that i found active camo on, and the new look is really cool. Valhalla Lastly, Valhalla is another, 2 base map. Both bases are equal in terms of what spawns in them, and what vehicles spawn at them as well. But, the landscape of them are different in alot of ways. the Red base has a lake (or ocean, your choice) and blue base has a waterfall. the landscape difference, as seen from the picture, varies between the bases. The river in my mind servers as a dividing point for the 2 sides. [d]The Equipment[/b] The guns are basically the same, with the exception of the few new guns. The Spartan Laser The thing that everyone wants to use. It will kill a warthog, Mongoose, and ghost in one shot. The Assault rifle We know, we've seen it, its the good 'ol assault rifle. Except for its smaller clip and better accuracy, the assualt rifle we know and love is back! The Brute Spiker The newer of the dual wieldable series of weapons is the Brute Spiker. It has the puch of an SMG, and they are extremely deadly when being dual wielded. The Spike Grenade You basic Plasma grenade, only a Fragmentation style of it. It will stick to anything you throw it at, and will detonate similarly to the Frag Grenade. Other Stuff Not much for this section, but there is something I would like to cover. We all know humiliating someone by teabagging them is great fun. but guess what? its even better now with the enhanced actions of the simple corpse hump. The body now moves, twitches, and in the right place, comes up with your players ass. Final Thoughts Well, the beta is good, but obviously the final game will be much better. The progress Bungie has made so far is great but still needs work. On September 25th, I am sure we will have one heck of a game.
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