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Halloween is coming at me yet again like a train speeding along the tracks towards a teenage who decided to play "Chicken" at a train station. And I feel it in my responsibility as a hard working *laughs manically* servant to offer you and all your friends a interesting event. Starting 6pm GMT friday I will be hosting on Xbox 360 a "Haloween" custom games lobby just too basically have a laugh with all you halo 3 players and cause some Halloween like chaos. This is really a alternative for those of us who are a bit to old to go around knocking on doors and screaming in the persons face give me sweets or die. Or if your a normal human being "Trick or treat" I was brought up slightly differently as my mother and father were both cannibalistic, sadistic mutants from the waste disposal service located just past Denton's (you know the place). So it was natural for me to just shout unintelligible threats until candy was launched at me like bullets from a slightly overpowered shotgun. Anyway back on topic, if this sounds like something you'd be willing to turn up too please let me know below so I can judge roughly how many of you will turn up, and please invite your friends along too everyone's welcome however if you are under 13 years of age please make sure your parents are alright with you joining a game with a load of strange halo geeks. Also I'd love to hear your ideas for the "playlist" as we will need to structure what game types we're playing and how long for. Also any custom maps or game types you want to play please let me know by posting a link to it on halo 3 file share. [b] To all the people not able to play Halo 3 there will be a Halo CE server up for you lot to enjoy a few games of Halo CE "haloween" style. And why not use file front's amazing team speak server while blasting each other with space age weaponry. [/b] So let me know your thoughts and opinions of the event and give me a rough idea of who's going to turn up so I can decide if its worth doing the event or not! Satanically yours "Annually aware" Morpheus

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