The bringer of bad news (NXE)

15 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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[quote]The New Xbox Experience (NXE) launches today and with it comes a new feature that allows games to be installed to your hard drive. Unfortunately Halo 3 will load slower in this scenario and could negatively impact your online experience[/quote] This unfortunate turn of events caused morpheus to weep for hours. After several hours of weeping, guitar hero, and two bottles of beer I was ready to write this article. Although I'm disapointed by the fact we won't get faster loading times I figured pretty quickly that generally NXE only really looks better, the avatar's look like they've been made really well then the texturing department went ape with paint brushes. I will also reveal that so far after timing several loading times of several of my games I can with confidence confirm that on my xbox none of my owned games so far run any faster. Far cry 2: 4 seconds slower loading time Assassin's creed: Slower by 6 seconds Halo 3: Slower by 4 seconds Lost planet: Slower by a staggering 8 seconds and the game crashed twice This is with all these games installed on my hard drive. My xbox is not broken and I've had my friend's run the same experiment with the same games. Same results. Remember folks. Do not try these experiments at home. They can be severely dangerous to your health when some techies from microsoft turn up at your house with a anti virus net. I hear a knock at the door and the rasping breaths of some nerds. I may not report again ~ Morpheus reporting on the new Xbox experience

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