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Mods Zanzibar updated

Here is a map based off of the halo 2 preview videos of zanzabar. There is not read me so I cannot give much more info on this, sorry All...


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Mods New mombasa classic

Here is a map of the new mombasa demo from E3 that does not have any of the special modifications to it, no new weapons or vehicles. All...


Mods New Mombasa

Here is the modded version of the halo 2 Ce new mombasa map that is based of the e3 demo. it includes new weapons such as the battle rifle,...


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Mods Halo 2 Gametypes for HaloCE

These are they game types for Halo 2 for HaloCE. It includes gametypes like Swords. You must have the rest of the Halo2CE mod for these to...


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Mods HMS v 2

The awosome prog i use to backup,restore,replace, and add maps while accessing all my halo tools wth a single click. A must DL for all modde...


Mods Hyrule Field map

Alright, every site with halo mods has this up, and for a good reason. You can now play as Link from legend of zelda. You get some of the o...


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Mods Library CE map

This is a library CE map. Its different from the one for regular PC. It didnt come w/ a readme so i dunno who made it but id be glad to make...


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Mods Soli Deo Gloria

Here is a nice map from the "Solas" of the Reformation map series. It is based in a canyon which makes it great for sinper games. There ar...


Mods Regret CE Map

I found this map over at halomaps.org. They also should know that no complaining about this file being here can be done b/c they have POA sp...


Mods UPDATED H2_Zanzibar



Mods Hugeass CE map

This is the largest CE map to date. It basically is just 2 hangers from the ending cinema scene in Maw place in mountains with a bunch a veh...


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Mods Modding Files

A collection of files and tools for use with Halo modding. No readme wa sincluded, but the stuff I tested was pretty useful for those new to...


Mods New CE Menu

I found this over at www.halomaps.org . Some1 went and created an Ui base on the POA crash site. Its got that music + i think its the halo 2...


Mods Tutorial 2 Map

This version of the tutorial map, built by bungie, gives the player a glympse of the newly remodeled Halo 2 style Master Cheif complete with...


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Mods Halo Zero

Halo Zero is a fan-created side-scrolling tribute to Halo. A lot of work has gone into this, making it as close to the game as possible. T...


Mods Vertigo City Public Beta

This is a map we've been waiting for since last November. Strider Vega Core has been working on this with his team for a very long time on...


Mods H2V Third Person Hack

This is a small tool which allows you to play Halo 2 Vista in 3rd person view. Its a beta and its buggy but it does work quite well. You wil...


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Mods Elite_MC (1.00 Beta)

An Awosome mod by myself, it changes Master Commander into an Elite on AotCr (5th SP mission).


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Mods Elite_MC_PPF_Set (1.00)

Another mod by Ultimate_Dragon. He keeps the mods coming with another Elite_MC pack.


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Mods Maw Elite MC

An "eliteified" Maw and a modded infinity by Ultimate_Dragon.


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Mods Two Betrayals Elite MC

Another Elite MC mod by Ultimate_Dragon.


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Mods Hunter_MC_Mod_Keyes

A small mod by Ultimate_Dragonfor the d20.map.


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Mods Hunter_MC Mod B40

An update of the Hunter_MC Mod by Ultimate Dragon for Halo 2.


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Mods Flyable Pelican + Tutorials

Like the man says, it's a flying pelican!