3DS Vehicle Size Comparison Guide.

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Well ladies and gentlemen.

This is a strange addition to our file list. Now this handy little 3DS file has blocks in it that each are measured, and accurately at that, to match the height of different player/vehicle related measurements such as player at crouching height, tank width etc

Give it a download if you do your mapping on 3DS studio max!

Till next time

~ Morpheus

*Note* Unfortunately I could never find who published this file so if you know who made this or are the creator step forward and let your name be known.... till then it will be the mystery of halo 2 files!!! *dramatic music*




This file was downloaded from a Halo Maps.org Website 


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What am I
Fed up with making your map then finding out you made a door to small or to 
big then you have to go back and redo the map then export it then compile 
it all over again. Well no more in this 3DS is all the height and info you 
need from the height of a crouching Spartan to the path width of a tank 
Just import this into your map and line up the box’s to see if you have 
made them the right size to find out what each box is just click on it 
and look at the name in the top right corner. 

Website: http://www.halomaps.org/ - http://www.halomovies.org/

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