This is a brand new map from Slaters Fury called the Abyss. The Abyss is a map that suits all types of players - the deviant snipers, the shameless campers, the erratic noobs, the seasoned veterans and the lunatic grunts!I It also suits different types of games ranging from FFA to CTF. The map design itself is pretty good, set inside a cavern/cave with little or no natural lighting making combat that bit more difficult especially since the normal masterchief armour blends in as natural camoflage against the cavern's walls i.e. the lack of natural light makes it harder to spot targets.

All weapons and vehicles are in the map, though some are offby default. Just choose what vehicles you want in the game setup and they will be in the map - Driving a Scorpion around a cave is fun. The lack of map objects to provide cover makes this ideal for the seasoned players and makes it difficult for camping players. Definitely a map worth checking out!




This is for people thinking. What do I do with this map after I've downloaded it?
Here it is.  Unzip it. or extract it. Same thing, Take the map file and put it in. 
Documents/My Games/Halo 2/Maps folder
Restart Halo 2. Thats it.

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