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Good day halo files community. And today we have a fairly interesting map to take a look at; “Battle Zone” named appropriately yet from further inspection the map was fairly disappointing.

As I spawn I see several ramps above me and warthogs and tanks scattered around, so automatically I assume this map is built purely for vehicles, which isn’t far wrong to be honest. To get anywhere fast you’ll need a warthog, because when going to a place of general interest it’s a long-winded trawl which can get extremely boring extremely fast. An example of this is getting to the upper levels. What I failed to realize when making the torturous journey to the top was that some of the ramps are on the… small side. This makes it great for the people at the top without vehicles. But at the same time slightly annoying to walk all that way or get out of your vehicle at a certain point risking being pumped with plasma and other painful substances.

The textures in this map are mostly bland and not very visually appealing at all to be quite honest. The only things in the map that does it credit is the obvious sheer size offering its self for large games but the biggest positive feature of the map is the base in the middle, which is a nice touch and very well made.

Overall I do not score this map very high as I find it slightly uncreative and clearly flawed in many aspects however I urge you to download it for your selves and make your own judgements as mine could be completely wrong in your eyes.

*NOTE* This was uploaded for you guys who have slow internet connections and don't want to download the whole map pack

Till next time

~ Morpheus



When you get through downloading the maps, because it is in zip format you have to extract it.

To do this, double click on the folder you downloaded, now you should see the maps, 

 and the readme file. Click the button above them all that says, Extract All Files.

Then drag and drop or copy and paste, the map files into the following folder. Documents/My Games/

Halo 2/ Maps. Then restart Halo 2. That's it.

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