however, and now finally, we have a full compliment of H2 maps for Halo 2 Vista players (all 5 of you, including me, lol).So here it is, more or less. Desolation on Halo 2 Vista. It's a fan remake, and it's had several alterations due to the authors own tastes, but it pretty much plays just like the Xbox version, which in itself, was a remake of the Halo 1 map "Derelict". From what I was able to see during my play around with it, there aren't any major issues in terms of construction quality. It's a fair sized map though, so it may feel empty at first.The textures and skybox are all quite nice, if a little "grey" looking. Then again, the original map didn't really have much colour in it anyway.With Tombstone already made for Halo 2 Vista (search on HaloFiles for it), we pretty much now have a full compliment of all the maps for Halo 2, plus the 2 PC exclusive maps that we already had.Give it a download, and relive those memories one last time, since it isn't possible on the Xbox version anymore.Download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21732852/ZDesolation_%28Apr_28_2010%29.zip-SuperSmeg


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