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H2 Windows XP Icons

h2_winxp_icons.zip —


Hello Halo followers,

Today I have brought a blessing to appease the masses, it is Halo 2 windows XP icons.

That is correct I can feel your excitement from here.

The icons consist of rather famous characters, weapons and vehicles from the halo trilogy.

I personally won't be keeping this particular file because I have thought for several days now about what the use for a pack of halo icons would be and I still can't think of anything ACCEPT! Because these are all pixel drawings maybe they could be harnessed to make a retro game.... or maybe not?

Do what you will with these Icons mere mortals but do not come crying to me if it blows your mind o_0

Till next time,


* YET ANOTHER MYSTERY FOR HALO 2 FILES TO UNCOVER * the author is unknown if anyone can help find out who the author is please let me know!



*None provided AUTHOR UNKNOWN*

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