halo 2 vista modded great journey



standard Wraith plasma cannon.To be fair, it does make enemies harder to hit when they are on the ground, especially when they are in Ghosts. Might just be me though because I normally play Halo 2 Vista with an Xbox controller. :D Not used to using a keyboard and mouse on H2V. For some reason, I find a controller easier on H2V, but I digress. :DAlso, almost every weapon is dual-wieldable now, except the Energy Sword, which makes things interesting, and ironically easier. Unfortunatly, in this mod, that does stop you from seeing the amount of ammo for some reasons unless there is a physical read-out on the weapon itself, such as on the Carbine or Needlers.There is also a slight animation error when dual-wielding some weapons, but I'd imagine that not all weapons combos have this issue.It makes for a fun turn up to an otherwise stale level. Less 'pink-repaint' on the anti-air Wraith next time though. :D Might be a good idea to use an actual anti-air Wraith model if possible.-SuperSmeg


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