Halo CE 1.09 Patch



Autopatcher, then you don't need this. If you don't however, give this a download.Special thanks to Halomaps.org for allowing us to 'keep up' with them.-SuperSmeg

Note from Rogert Wolfson - BungieThe final patches for PC and CE 1.09 are ready and available for download. This is the same build you've had for a few weeks if you've been following the thread, only the installer-wrapper is added. If people report success installing these patches, they will go up for auto-update soon, which should help unify the playerbase on the new version.This is also the first time we've added a "Bungie, LLC" digital signature to anything (instead of going through the Microsoft internal tool for doing that) so let me know if you see anything wrong there.sawnose |Bungie.net Superuser

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