Halo Zero



Halo Zero is a fan-created side-scrolling tribute to Halo. A lot of work has gone into this, making it as close to the game as possible. Things like shields, campaign/multiplayer, and weapon sounds appear to be almost directly from the original game. Here are some of the features:

-Campaign (with all 4 difficulties) and Multiplayer- For the most part, campaign maps take place on Reach (from the book The Fall of Reach), and have you running around killing Covenant, driving Warthogs, and saving generators from Covie bombs. Multiplayer maps are mostly from the original Halo (Blood Gulch, Death Island, Ice Fields, etc.) but also include Zanzibar and Derelict. Don't get too excited, however; these maps are fairly small and, of course, side scrolling. The multiplayer maps have instant respawn times, several weapons to choose from, teleporters, and multiple levels.

-Weapons, Marines, and Enemies- There are many weapons from the game as well, with authentic sounds and clip sizes, but shorter reload times and less variation in strengths/weaknesses. There is even the option to melee your opponents when in close combat. You will also kill enemies in Shade turrets, although you cannot use it yourself, and drive a Warthog while controlling the gunner. So far, the weapons I've noticed (all usable) include: -Assault Rifle (much more accurate, but still somewhat weak) -Pistol -Shotgun -Rocket Launcher -Plasma Rifle -Needler (needles don't stick, but function like bullets) -Plasma Pistol -Grenades (Frag and Plasma) Enemies range from Grunts (both Red and Yellow) and Jackals to red and blue Elites, and even Hunters (although they come alone, not in pairs; try using grenades). There are also the usual Marines, which follow you through short sections before jumping to another level leaves them behind.

Overall this game does have a bit of length to it, as well as replay value. Because it is not simply a 2D version of Halo, the worlds and objectives are (somewhat) new, and the development of this game was done very well. The music sounds like a MIDI file, and is distinctly a Halo tune. This is definately a recommended download, and at only around 20 MB won't take up much hard drive space. Whether you're a Halo PC or Xbox fan, this is worth playing at least once through.

(made by Dobermann, visit the site here)

-Review by MrFlammable



(Adobe PDF required to view ReadMe, mine wasn't working however)

No installation instructions required, simply unzip halozero.zip and run the Setup file.

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