Hang 'Em Higher

hanghigher.zip —


it to me or using a FTP program untill we get FTP fixed.*[/u][/b]http://halo2.filefront.com/upload/Anyway,Slater is fast growing to be one of my favorite map builders for Halo 2 Vista. While this remake of Halo 1's 'Hang 'Em High' map might be small, it is every bit as fun as its predicessor, especially on the Oddball game type.(This is the Halo 1 version of Tombstone, a Halo 2 map that wasn't included in the PC version of Halo 2)Its not an exact copy but for the use of stock Halo 2 map objcts, its close enough.I don't understand the reason why Ghosts are apart of this map when playing default, especially given its size, but I'm sure Slater probably has his reasons.-SuperSmeg


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