HeXen Darkmere Beta 2

darkmere_beta2.zip —


apparently was very popular at the time of it's release.If I had to rate this map based on looks alone, it would get a 6/10, but it's a very strong 6/10, which I will explain in the next paragraph.There are alot of repeated textures here, and in a fairly small, basically box map, that isn't a good thing.Sure, the last map from Adolif had repeated textures aswell, but that one was quite large, and well spread out. The tree models alone on this are very basic, almost akin to what can be seen in Marathon, Minecraft, or the original Quake game.I really like the dark, swampy tone that was used though. I think it sets the mood very nicely.Gameplay wise, it's a whole other kennel of fish (never understood that phrase, lol).Being a small map, it is perfect for close combat, and a lot of fun during team games. I reconmmend Capture The Flag for something quick, or Team Slayer for something fun.Again, like Adolif's first ported map (it was ported with permission by the way), it's a lot of fun, for a Halo 2 map.File link:http://www.gamefront.com/files/20715967/darkmere_beta2.zip-SuperSmeg


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