Hyrule Field map



Alright, every site with halo mods has this up, and for a good reason. You can now play as Link from legend of zelda. You get some of the old n64 weapons but it still has H2 weapons around. Theres also epona's to ride. My fav thing is to grab the sniper and snipe off eponia :P Its a good map so dl it




                  -/ =HYRULE FIELD Pre-ALPHA=   \-
         BY JAHRAIN          \
                 /       ADDITIONAL CREDITS:      \
                /              TIAMAT              \
               /            WAVE OF LAG             \
              /                KILLA                 \
             /                 BULLET                 \ 
            /                 EXCALIBUR                \
           /                   Sereph                   \
	  /	               An STD                    \
	 /	               Byram                      \
        /                     Lightning                    \
       /	               Vapor                        \
      /  	              Baturkin                       \
     /		               Motion                         \
    /	             and the rest of the Testers               \
   /                                                            \

This is the extremely early beta, infact too early to be called a beta version of the Zelda
CE Mod's Hyrule Field by Jahrain. The main reason we are releasing this map to the general
public is simply because just about everyone has it already. Reports indicate that dedicated
servers, clans, and even machinima are taking place within these maps. So I feel the need to
just release it and rid myself of the problems with these leakers and so that people I know
who do have the map won't feel bad anymore for playing it. Although the map was received well
with screenshots and videos, I believe your opinion on this map will change after you see the list......
of bugs.

-Biped not rigged properly
-Horses not rigged
-Ugly UVs
-Bad BSP Portaling in certain areas
-Some Arrows have funky contrails
-Link still has Master Chief Collision Model
-Bombs take too long to explode
-Horse flips to easily and gets stuck to walls
-Exits of the Map aren't properly sealed
-The fence in Lon Lon has bad collision
-The Horse gets stuck on fences
-The Horse still has training wheels in the back to keep it balanced
-Fire Arrows have bad accuracy
-Weapons and vehicles do not have the proper strings
-Boomerang returns right after it is fired
-Boomerang has no sound effects
-Hookshot sound effect still has some unwanted background noise
-Link has Master Chief's sounds
-Not all FP Animations complete
-Doesn't Support all gametypes (CTF or Slayer only)
-Spawn Points not balanced
-Weapon spawn points are not balanced
-More Bugs/Issues I can't think of. But I think you get the idea.
The list can go on forever...

Installation Instructions:

Extract files to your \maps folder in your Halo Custom Edition Installation Directory.

If you have any questions, don't ask. Because this map is no longer supported by the Zelda
Online Mod Team. Although, in the final release of all the maps, a whole new Hyrule field will
be included with the initial map pack of the official ZELDA ONLINE mod for halo ce. Have fun!

Also in prevention of further leaks. I have devised a way to allow perminant RCON access to
any server running betas of my maps allong with an unchangable server password and server name
that I can change at any time. This will allow me to easily dispose of any servers running leaks
of any up comming maps and to also prevent others from playing on them.

-Zelda Online Team

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