Ice Canyon



Good day to you lords and ladies of halo files, and today we bring you something which I’ve got to admit, I was very impressed with.

Ice Canyon, the name of the map in question puts the player in a snowy canyon, and the teams need to take up defence to fend off the enemy team. Before both bases is a rather big trench that stops bigger vehicles getting over and into the base however a warthog or ghost could easily jump the trench with skilful driving.

Another interesting feature is an outpost placed conveniently and inconveniently before both bases, conveniently as you can place some of your team in the outpost as a “early warning” system for oncoming intruders, but inconveniently because if the outpost is overrun then the enemy team has a huge foothold and can barrage your base with the chain gun and plasma turret.

There is also another interesting feature that may cause a bit of confusion for both teams. There is a path through the canyon near the base that can completely bypass the trench protecting the base and the outpost offering the early warning, thus both teams will also have to think about how to defend this huge weakness, as the canyon can fit a warthog/ghost through it single file easily.

So overall it is a map I love because it is not as straight forward as some of the maps I’ve seen posted before, as it has intentional strengths and weaknesses for the teams to compensate for by using their tactical skills, which sounds daunting to some people but a challenge to budding halo tacticians.

This map is rated quite highly in my books and definitely deserves a download however make your own judgements on the quality of the map I know I loved it.

Till the next file!


*NOTE* This was uploaded for you guys who have slow internet connections and don't want to download the whole map pack



When you get through downloading the maps, because it is in zip format you have to extract it.

To do this, double click on the folder you downloaded, now you should see the maps, 

 and the readme file. Click the button above them all that says, Extract All Files.

Then drag and drop or copy and paste, the map files into the following folder. Documents/My Games/

Halo 2/ Maps. Then restart Halo 2. That's it.

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