Ice Canyon

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P'nawn da or as they say in English good afternoon, yes that’s right I am currently learning welsh so need to use it as often as possible.

Anyway today we have something I have been eagerly waiting for, a version two for one of my personal favourite halo two maps, Ice canyon.

Ice canyon version two brings back the spirit of the original version, but improves certain features of the map and totally changes other features. We now have a cave between the two main bases that has a chasm right down the middle of it stopping easy crossing to the opposing base, but also allows you to shoot across providing confusion fire for the opposite team.

The bases have all been “revamped” but still incorporate really poor texturing, HOWEVER I have mentioned in other halo two reviews, I don’t know if this is the authors fault or purely because of the poor texturing tools in the map editor its self I know for a fact though that if the bases were made in 3d studio max and imported into the halo two map editor the texturing SHOULD be a lot better however I don’t know what process the author took.

Overall however not that much different from the original I’ve got to admit I do actually prefer the first version, maybe if there’s a version three work on those textures as your maps are wonderful its just the poor texturing on some elements that lets you down.

Keep ‘um coming and try using some of the advice written above Mr Slater Fury.

Till next time,


~ Morpheus



when you get through downloading the map, because it is in zip format you have to extract it.
to do this double click on the folder you downloaded, now you should see the map, 
 and the readme file. click the button above them all that says extract all files
then drag and drop or copy and paste, the map file into the following folder. documents/my games/
Halo 2/ Maps. Then restart halo 2. That's it

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