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first being Blood Gulch. If there is one thing you all should know by now, is that I pride myself on being honest. And even though Narrows is awful in Halo 3, this fan recreation for Halo 2 Vista hasn't really set the bar any higher in my own personal opinion. Sure, physically, it's very similar to Narrows, though not exact. The textures alone are actually not that great (looks like the ground texture has been replaced with what looks like a skybox texture, and with no bottom to the rock faces, makes this map feel like it is somehow breaking the laws of gravity).It features the usual Halo 2 weapons, with a Halo 1 assault rifle thrown in for good measure. The bubble shield "prop" is just a static, non-solid object that can not be used in anyway. It's just "there".Structure wise, there are no problems with the map itself. I just feel like a lot more work could've gone into it.I really don't mean to sound harsh with this map. I just have a lot of criticisms with it. Maybe you'll like it more than I did.Download link: http://www.gamefront.com/files/21733608/Narrows_%28Mar_04_2010%29.zip-SuperSmeg


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