Regret CE Map



I found this map over at halomaps.org. They also should know that no complaining about this file being here can be done b/c they have POA space on thier server which was here 1st. Anyways, this is a HUGE map based upon a Covenant Crusier called Regret. It has two large hangers on either side, a weapons testing facility, control room, hover hogs, and more!



Regret - Covenant Battle Cruiser 
Beta Level
by: Captain þacon

It's been three weeks of no sleep and plenty of sugar, but its finally done.
Behold the greatness that is Regret.  Regret is a Covenant Battle Cruiser,
like the Truth and Reconciliation.  The map itself is in space and contains:

10 Banshees
4 Ghosts
2 "SpaceHog" ("0G" Warthog controllable from the driver and passenger seats)**
1 "Space Scorp" (same as above)
8 Shades(Turrets)

1 Assault Rifles
4 Sniper Rifle
1 Rocket Launcher
1 Pistol
1 Energy Sword
Tons of Plasma Rifles, Plasma Pistols, Needlers, Fuel Rod Guns

Regret also contains two hangers, one per side. Each hanger contains 4 banshees.
The map also has the control room, accessible from either side by teleporters.
Two cafeterias contain makeshift armories with weapons testing facilities included.
I used the models form my original cafeteria and changed the textures to fit
the whole Covenant feel. Thanks For downloading if you do, and if you don't,
you have no idea what your missing out on.

**Controls for Space Hog
Forward = Down and Forward
Back/No direction = Go up and forward
The space hog may take some getting-used-to, but can be a very strategic unit.
Because it has multiple seats, it can be used to recover banshees that fall to 
the bottom of the map where an invisible box stops players and vehicles.

Special Thanks:
Bungie, Microsoft and Gearbox, for Halo and Halo CE
discreet, for 3ds Max 6
Grenadiac, for Spark Edit
Monoxide and tjc, for Halo Map Tools
The Makers of "Pillar of Autumn Space" for something to compete with
My beta testers
new002 -Needs a new name
ss3 hurcule
--Sorry if I missed your name, just tell me and I'll make sure i get it in the final

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