Scorpion Dance

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Hello Halo 2 gamers,

Today we bring you another space map from the creative mind of an unknown source.

No that’s not his/her name we really don't know who made this, yet another one to be added to the mysteries of halo files book. (Can the author or anyone who knows who the author is please contact myself or post below)

It’s an interesting map to say the least, let’s start with the top and work our way down to "ground level". Well right at the top is a ring that circles the whole structure; it has several warthog's placed on it for ring driving fun (which I spent several minutes attempting and was sent hurtling towards the ground after misjudging a jump).

Proceeding down to ground level, the layout is a lot like a normal city with buildings and other tall objects to drive around in a warthog or scorpion tank, I did find some random boxes with some really quite random textures on which I was a bit confused to why they were there but hey I'm not the author...

A over head view of the ground below shows quite messy shapes and it can look almost ugly from over head but then again this is a game where people get infected by flesh consuming monsters who connect there tentacles into your spinal cord so who are we to say what’s ugly and what’s not anymore.

Overall I don't like the overall feel for the map, it is certainly a vehicle orientated map which in my books normally spells disaster if it doesn't at least try to allow ground based fun as well.

Download if you will mortals,

Till next time,





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