Sol System



After my weeks holiday I come back to find a new submission in the halo files submissions inbox. With the name sol system, I automatically assumed it was a space orientated map which also made me think vehicle fun!

Well I wasn’t disappointed on the most part. But when I spawned I was a little disappointed with the inside of the ship I spawned in. The textures where bland and very repetitive and didn’t make me think of the inside of a high tech space ship at all it made me think of a giant metal box.

Apart from the blandness of the textures the inside was extremely useful, I found a few teleporters scattered around the map that teleported me to important areas such as an armoury.

I found myself next in a hanger bay area with a few banshees, after flying into space I found that there are infact three constructs. A platform for ground based fighting, a large box like space craft, (if there is a v2 I’d suggest a little modelling work on the space ship to be honest looks a little rough) the third construct was a round like space station that in my opinion looked superb. If only the other spacecraft was modelled to this standard.

The round space station had a similar sort of inside bland textures a hanger, an armoury and several other rooms for you to discover. A fairly useful feature that is sometimes overlooked in space maps I’ve seen is the ability to die when outside in space, if you fall from your spacecraft or just walk out the hanger, you are rewarded for your stupidity with a “suicide” death.

Overall I think the map is very fun and is enjoyable for anyone who always enjoyed the flight levels of halo 2. But if there is a next time I’d suggest revamping the space ship and changing the textures for a bit more variety, also work on remodelling that space ship!

Congratulations to Slater Fury for yet another enjoyable, fun and overall impressive map can’t wait for the next one.

Till next time,

~ Morpheus



when you get through downloading the map because it is in zip format you have to extract it.
to do this double click on the folder you downloaded, now you should see the HaloMaps readme,
the map itself, and the readme file. click the button above them all that says extract all files
then drag and drop or copy and paste, the map file into the following folder. documents,my games,
Halo 2, Maps. restart halo 2, that's it.

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