Vista halo 2 map fanatics rejoice! Another halo 2 vista map approaches and let me just say, it will definitely stay in my map folder.

Upon receiving this masterpiece under name “Summerwinder” I found out that it was a port from Halo, I am not very knowledgeable about Halo CE as I played it for a short amount of time and quickly moved onto Halo 2, so I don’t know exactly what level this is a port from, however I do know that this map does look very good and has clearly been adapted for game play in mind, and it has been adapted very well, the addition of the bases at either side of the map gives the map great potential for team vs. team play and the selection of vehicles give the map a huge fun factor boost it also makes it easier to get round the map, as the map is rather big.

The map also has a great tunnel network that if followed will lead you to key points in the map which is useful for those of us who aren’t that keen on vehicles or just want to play the element of surprise option to its full potential.

The gun placements and vehicle placements are placed sensibly and are the same in both bases so it is fair on both teams again offering its self for fair enjoyable game play.

The map manages to combine eye candy with generally great game play, which is rare in halo maps as usually they focus on one or the other, I especially like the waterfalls and little lakes scattered about the map, a definite bonus in my eyes, without them would take away the very soul of the map.

I would suggest you download if you are looking for another great map to add to your map folder!

~ Morpheus



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Map Name: Summerwinder

Notes:  A ported map from halo 1

I am a huge halo fan and when i got halo 2 i was disapointed that there were some awsome maps missing so i'm going through and porting a few of my favs for you people.  If you don't know how to run custom maps just look around, its easy. 
This is a ported map meaning i did not construct the bsp or trees/rocks but i did put alot of time making this map look good.  Its deffinetly halo 2 worthy. 

Big thanks to bigdaddy for helping with some of the textures.

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