Urban Warfare

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Good evening ladies and gentlemen, today I am uploading for your enjoyment a fairly awesome map.

The name of it…. Urban Warfare, definitely made for CTF and team death match. Either side of the map are bases, the red one glows red and the blue one glows blue, pretty straight forward so far eh?

Well in between these two bases is the “Urban” part what seems to be bunkers of some kind and what can only be described as a multi-storey car park. Inside these “Multi-storey” buildings are mounted machine guns and warthogs awaiting your attention. You’ll also find scattered around the map your favourite weapons which are all placed sensibly to allow fair game play, the bases of course are balanced both having the same features which includes mounted machine guns, the glowing of bases (Just incase your not sure where you are) And of course an underground car park full of warthogs.

Also a cool feature I found was elevated platforms that seem to form a small road network around the map on top of these are of course great sniper positions, mounted machine guns and enough room to drive your car through taking out all the enemy gunners and snipers.

I can see this map being great for at least a group of 6 as the map is rather big, but not so big you need a party of 12+ to fill it.

I’d say for all you team death match and CTF fans out there this a must download,

Well don’t take my word for it download it and see!

Till next time loyal halo files readers!

~ Morpheus

*NOTE* This was uploaded for you guys who have slow internet connections and don't want to download the whole map pack



Made by: Slaters Fury and Rafi 117

Map Name: Urban Warfare

when you get through downloading the map because it is in zip format you have to extract it.
to do this double click on the folder you downloaded, now you should see the map and the readme file. click the button above them all that says extract all files
then drag and drop or copy and paste, the map file into the following folder. documents,my games,
Halo 2, Maps. that's it.

Notes : This is a map I've been Working on and off for a while. I think it would be a 
Good CTF map, But all gametypes work and tanks are in the map, But they are off by default.

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