I made this map mostly for race. But,I through in an extra base, I was pleasantly surprised when I played Assault with 10 people it played very well, some of the players set up with an elevated postions, which is all over the map, with sniper rifles which made very challenging to score. All game types work. Its a very challenging race map, In play tests a lot of people fell off the coarse numerous times.

I've never really used the quote tool on a halo 2 vista map I usually only use quote when I think the author sums it up better than I could.. and this is one of those accasions. I find it hard to comment on these kind of maps as they are always the same. Really good arcutecture but let down by some bad texturing. Excellent map and plays incredibly well had a lan match vs some of my friends on it had a great time but I did notice some texturing issues that really stood out.

But as I've said it really is a good for game play map that harnesses a rare combo. Good solid mapping skills and a obvious talent for game play creation possiblities. I especially had fun sniping my fellow students on our school network.

Also this map is named after a awesome U2 song so it can't be bad!

Worth a download for sure, and a note to slater fury, congratulations again on another awesome game play map, and I can only say look at some areas where the textures are quite samey and try and jazz it up a bit can't wait for your next map

Again it has been a pleasure,


Sorry to the author and everyone about me completely fudging the uploading of this file... what can I say... I'm only immortal.


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