Halo: Combat Evolved

Bent on Humankind's extermination, a powerful fellowship of alien races known as the Covenant is wiping out Earth's fledgling interstellar empire. You and the other surviving defenders of a devastated...

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Halo: Custom Edition v1.0.10 Dedicated Server 1.75MB 0
Halo: Combat Evolved v1.0.10 Dedicated Server 2.23MB 0
Halo: Custom Edition v1.0.10 Patch 3.12MB 0
Halo: Combat Evolved v1.0.10 Patch 3.03MB 0
Tiger Assault rifle 192KB 39
Spiffy's Sidewinder 4.39MB 67
Danger Canyon Night Time Mod 6.55MB 70
Spiffy's Fun Gulch 4.09MB 67
Spiffy's Sidewinder 4.39MB 64
Swordgulch 10.98MB 381
Teleporting banshee for death island 1KB 181
Blood Gulch - Log Platforms 5.4MB 318
Liquid ice banshee 171KB 146
Blue-team Pentagram banshee 171KB 63
Halo 3 MA5C+Rocket Launcher 4.25MB 1,032
danger canyon base mod 5.86MB 276
Vine rifle 132KB 162
Relic mod for bg pc (flying) 229B 134
Cryosis (Day) 31.02MB 1,531
Red UI 14.06MB 119
Enhanced flag skins 44KB 58
Bridge Battle 2: The Swamps 10.83MB 442
USP.45 model fix 44KB 427
Halo Pelican + Vehicles 13.93MB 2,284
Jig saw puzzel rifle 102KB 79
USP.45 pistol 243KB 91
spartan brotherhood statue tagset 2.29MB 70
Carbonite rifle v1 119KB 113
DeathMans Desert Eagal 213KB 136
Bridge Battle 9.21MB 265
snowgulch v1.1 6.38MB 765
Halo 3 Hunter Combat Form 1.68MB 547
Keep It Clean Teaser (large) 47.94MB 139
Keep It Clean Teaser (medium) 12.01MB 88
Keep It Clean Teaser (small) 5.16MB 72
Bloodgulch Re-texture 1.24MB 352
ZaPwinder Enhanced 3.22MB 115
Dunebuggy 549KB 195
Urban Sniper 991KB 216
Nature Tank 867KB 153
Aqua Shotgun 1.09MB 149
Yellow Speckle Hog 865KB 87
Brooklyns oddball skin pack 1.1MB 90
Rough Rider 621KB 74
Rough Flyer 487KB 76
Shiny Ghost 108KB 94
Better Flags 675KB 65
Grassy Gulch 669KB 92
Snowgulch Texture Pack 6.28MB 1,117
Sprayhog 305KB 49