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Published by IKS_Yo_Mama 13 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
Hello as you may or may not know, there is a new staff administration on HaloFiles effective since yesterday. I (IKS) am one of them, acting as the site admin and UswarHatAnpuw (aka Sith Exar kun) is the other acting as a vice admin. This is just a brief update on the situation as of now. Our jobs are to get the site back running as best we can, especially files, poll, PotD, news and the PotM. Also we are cleaning out the comments log and prepping to ban people who took advantage of the unfortunate staff situation here by posting crap. Thats the good news. The bad news is there are 10 files in the queue to be processed but due to the fact that they are more than a week old they have all been deleted from our FTP. Why? I don't really know but I will be in contact with the modders in question to retrieve the files from them and reupload them to the site so their work gets hosted. I still have all the information from the files just need the files themselves so files will be appearing on the site very soon. If you have news and files to be uploaded then upload them, things will be back to normal from today onwards. Everything will be done as soon as possible. We will post up introduction with info about ourselves when we get the chance later so you know what our stories are. As for the situation with the previous staff, I simply do not know what their situation is, I have read the new posts concerning that yet no updates on it have been mentioned therefore I will let you know in the near future what is going on with that. Also Staff members will definitely be required so more updates on that to come in the coming week. I'll post more updates as we get them. Thanks for reading.
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