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This week's Bungie [url="http://www.bungie.net/News/TopStory.aspx?cid=9092"]Weekly Update[/url] covers a bit more Halo 3 material than previous ones have, ranging from testing matchmaking to the leaked articles. Through about 7 paragraphs, Frankie talks of the matchmaking playtest held a couple nights ago with roughly 20 people around the world. Although a lot less than the 250,000 players on Live for Halo 2, he says that they experienced 'LAN-like conditions' and that it was just nice to see the User Interface working so well. Of course, they add in the tease that there are more, cooler features still to be added into the UI. Frankie also discusses how before Halo 2 shipped, it was hard to find a suitable game for other online games, generally older games for the PC. This is the reason that Halo 2's matchmaking was so streamlined, in an effort to make games work for as many people as possible. Now that they've far surpassed their expectations with 250K players using matchmaking, Halo 3 is set to include more customizations for when players search for games. He also makes a comment (and no comment at the same time) on IGN's article concering the [url="http://halo2.filefront.com/news/IGN_says_Halo_Movie_Moving_Forward;29962"]Halo Movie[/url]. Partially due to this movie being mostly outside of Bungie's realm, Frankie can't go into much more detail than to simply say the 'moving forward' idea is true enough. With all the commotion going on yesterday, it was almost surprising that Frankie merely touched on the leaked scans before moving on to other topics. Before he does, though, there is some very promising news: [quote]The leaked scans this morning caused a huge fuss, and we’re not going to discuss any of that stuff here today – suffice it t say that subscribers will be getting their issues of EGM in the next few days, and they can read all about Halo 3 multiplayer (and more) in that magazine, and see some images that aren’t leaked on the interwebs already. I think you’ll find some very interesting and exclusive insights to come. The hi-res images will be available in all sorts of outlets eventually, including this here website, and we’ll go into more detail – and answer some of your questions at that time. And that won’t be the only Halo 3 info this year… there are one or two surprises still to come.[/quote] There are a few sentences on a project that, if included in the final game, would be "one of the biggest forum-thread spawning things of all time," but is also something we will know nothing about through at least the end of 2006. Finally, a couple new shirts have been added to the Bungie store, including [url="http://www.bungie.net/images/news/inlineimages/newhoodiehiddenchief.jpg"]this[/url] hoodie, as demonstrated by Mister Chief. At least when he's fighting the Covenant, he'll be doing it in style. You can read the full article [url="http://www.bungie.net/News/TopStory.aspx?cid=9092"]here[/url], and watch for more Halo 3 news as it is sure to be coming very soon.
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