Another Patch for Halo CE?

18 years ago, last updated 7 years ago

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HaloCE and halo are over 2 years old now. Gearbox has been able to fix most the major bugs for the game, but there are some nagging ones that they want to fix. Most notibably is network performance with halo Ce and the ease to install user made content. The only major hurdle is that gearbox needs Microsoft's permision to relese the patch to fix the problems.. The problem is that MS wants more people to play halo CE. Its a catch 22 situation with halo CE and another patch. Bungie has not said anything about this since they are too caught up in other projects to worry about a port of a 4 year old game. The only soultion to this catch 22 situation is to get more people to play Halo Ce. This will fall on the community and modders. The modders need to make enjoyable, stable content, and the community need to play it and distrbute it. People are hoping for the best though, another patch if properly made can't do anything but help the game.

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