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Love playing the Game? Want to find out more about Master Chief and his history, the Flood, or Covenant? Well, Bungie has Publised three Halo Novels: Halo: Fall of Reach, Halo: The Flood, and Halo: First Strike. These books go in more depth about the storyline of Halo. Fall of Reach: [url]http://shop.ecompanystore.com/bungie/BNG_productdetail.asp?catalog=BUNGIE&ID=3&index=7&TYPE=Bungie+Merchandise&PRODUCT=BNG10000200[/url] The Flood: [url]http://shop.ecompanystore.com/bungie/BNG_productdetail.asp?catalog=BUNGIE&ID=3&index=7&TYPE=Bungie+Merchandise&PRODUCT=BNG10000400[/url] First Strike: [url]http://shop.ecompanystore.com/bungie/BNG_productdetail.asp?catalog=BUNGIE&ID=3&index=&TYPE=Bungie+Merchandise&PRODUCT=BNG10000500[/url] Play the Game. Read the Books. Live the Story.
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