Halo2 autoupdate to stop cheating comming to an xbox near you!

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Its comming and cheaters can't stop it with all their might. Its the new auto-update from bungie that will fix stuff suvh as wall glitching and cheating. [quote]When does the Freakin' Autoupdate Come Out!!? Well you'll still have to wait. TIL' MONDAY! Yep, the Autoupdate will be available on Monday April 18th, to fix cheats, bugs, glitches and gasp – tweak some important weapon balance issues. Next time you log in after it's available (it'll be spread out to mitigate server loads) you'll get a message alerting you to its presence. Don't worry if you don't see it first thing Monday morning, it'll show up in your neighborhood eventually.[/quote] cheaters beware!
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