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Well it appears that the HEK will come out very soon! I really want to start making some mods :) [quote]Halo PC Editing Kit Update Posted by SketchFactor at 4/30/2004 1:00 PM Would-be-modders who have been waiting patiently for the Halo Editing Kit don't have to wait much longer. Today we're happy to announce that Gearbox will be releasing the HEK along with a few additional code updates very soon... Good news for fans of Halo PC! Gearbox Software has nearly finished work on the much anticipated Halo Editing Kit and a public release is very close. Bungie received the near final build of the HEK two weeks ago and is happy to report that the code has been reviewed and passed back to Gearbox for final testing and distribution. The HEK will allow gamers to create their own maps and multiplayer experiences using the same suite of tools the developers use. Gearbox will oversee the release and ongoing support of the HEK, which is not officially supported by Bungie or Microsoft. Both teams have worked together to create a process in which Gearbox can continue to release content updates and game enhancements without affecting the original retail code. Fans who are interested in playing custom created maps or taking advantage of new game updates will need to download the new software available on the Gearbox site. These new software updates are optional and will not be included in the game's auto-update system. Stay tuned to Bungie.net in the days and weeks ahead for more information on the HEK and additional developments for Halo PC. For more information about the Halo Editing Kit, check out the Halo PC Editing FAQ at the Gearbox site. UPDATE: Gearbox has a new forum up and running strictly for discussing the upcoming "Halo Custom Edition" - the name for the new unsupported software they are releasing soon. Get the latest scoop HERE.[/quote]
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