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18 years ago, last updated 6 years ago

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CMT, Custom Map Team, the creators of the recently released halo CE mod need your help. Since release of their mod only 5 days ago, they have been swamped with over 3200 downloads, using a staggering 2.2tera-bytes, 2200gb, of bandwidth. At their peak, there were transfering almost 100mb of information a second. They went over their bandwidth amount of 1.2tb. Using 1tb of bandwidth was expensive. Going this far over their limit cost them $400 dollars. They need donations to help pay off the bill and resume normal downloads. You can donate to the cause on CMT's [url="http://cmt.haloimpulse.com/main/"]main page[/url]. Halo files is helping CMT from further fees by being a mirror for their maps.

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