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Hello community,

I come before you all to apologise. My absence due to illness has caused obviously a few problems around the site. I can only say I'm sorry for the current lack of staff, and I will try to amend this in the next few weeks.

As you all are probably now aware I am flying solo in the running of the website. And If I get ill like I did these past two weeks, the site can stop dead like it has.

I appreciate however the effort you guys have been putting in, especially to a Mr Echoranger who I'd happily offer a staff position to for his dedication and help stopping people going crazy and starting a world wide search party for Morpheus.

I'd like to also thank "I hate halo files" for making my life that much harder, by spamming the PotD. I really appreciated that.

I'd like to formally apologise and say I hope this never happens again however until I get new staff I cannot say for sure as I am only a mere mortal, and am rather ill at the moment.

Again a big thanks to you the community and special thanks to Echo ranger. Tomorrow the site will return to normal with a brand new PotD, and at least two new file uploads.

I'm sorry yet again for your displeasure but I will be working harder over the next few days to make it up to you guys,

A very apologetic


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