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Hello halo fans, I am here to be the voice of reason sent by the government to keep the halo community in order until the inevitable black hole is summoned thanks to the wonderful Hadron collider, but enough about my origins on with the news that I bring. The news from the front line is that; [quote]Since Xbox Live's scheduled maintenance ended this morning, gamers playing Halo 3 have noticed that TrueSkill and EXP are not being rewarded properly (which is to say, EXP is not being rewarded at all). We are currently working with the Xbox Live team to identify and resolve this issue, and we hope to have you earning your EXP again as quickly as possible.[/quote] Please remain calm do not leave your houses and please do not throw objects at your TV in despair Bungie are on it... or possibly on a lunch break, all we know is that until further notice no one will be ranking up any time soon! I was Morpheus reporting for Halo files news.
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