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The Legendary map pack is now available for download on Xbox Live for 800 MS points (about $10 US). As an incentive for downloading these maps early, Bungie is offering for a short time a 4-month upgrade to the Bungie Pro file share to purchasers of the new maps. [quote]This conveniently expands the size of your Halo 3 File Share by increasing your maximum number of slots to 24 for a total combined size of 250 MB (the default file sharing limits are 6 slots and 25 MB). Bungie PRO is normally sold as an annual subscription for 750 points so this is basically a free 250 point bonus just for buying the maps! (not to mention you just might find the extra storage capacity to be very handy as you start creating and sharing your screenshots, films and map variants).[/quote] You can read more about the map pack in this [url="http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&cid=13519"]Weekly Update[/url] - or just skip to downloading it and join the fun! Just a reminder for those of you without the Heroic map pack, those 3 maps are now FREE to download, so be sure to get them whether you get the Legendary maps or not.
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