Mapping Made Easy in Halo 2 Vista

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Pi studios, which has worked on many games including Call of Duty 2 and the upcoming Call of Duty 3. Pi studios is working on the map making tools for Halo 2 Vista. They aim to make the tools familiar enough for people who mod Halo PC to jump right into Halo 2 vista. They also aim to make is easy enough for the average user to map his own maps. The mapping tools are broken into 3 parts; importing, editing, and population. Tool will translate level geometry made by mappers into the engine, and optimize the map for performance. Guerilla will let users fine tune the look of the map by playing with texture compression and tags. Sapien will allow mappers to populate the map with objects, weapons, spawn points, etc. The users will be able to navigate the map as they would in the game, which makes for easier placing of these objects. Users will be able to import new textures and use different Halo 2 shade rs. The tools will be more like what game developers use, but still easy to access. These tools will come on the disc with Halo 2 Vista when it ships. These tools will be supported by Microsoft, unlike the current tools for Halo CE. The story goes on to talk about how this will help the community. They talk about their favorite Halo 2 maps, and how they plan to include some example maps in the tool kit for people to learn from. The full story can be read [url=""]here[/url].
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