Plagiarism of mods

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Published by shadow43289 17 years ago , last updated 5 years ago
I've been informed of something today that makes me completely disgusted. Its seems that certain members of this site (I know your names but I'm keeping them quiet for now), have been plagiarising other peoples mods. Plagiarism is stealing information from other peoples work without permission. Plagiarism is considered a crime under international and most country law. Multiple mods have been plagiarised but I am mentioning Ultimate_Dragon’s Elite_MC mod by name as I have specific proof that that has been plagiarised. Because of these circumstances, I’m making the rules clearer. 1) Any member caught plagiarising material will be permanently banned from commenting on Halofiles and banned from submitting files. 2) Any member caught plagiarising Elite_MC or any of its sister mods or submitting them to another site will be permanently banned from Halofiles. Dragon has been kind enough to make his mods exclusive to Halofiles and they will stay that way until he wishes it. 3) The Halo Map converter, which allowed people to convert maps from CE type to PC type has been removed from the site following over 100 complaints from mod authors. I stress this, if you want to make a mod using parts from other peoples mods. ASK the authors permission. Dragon is considering pulling his mods down from Halofiles, which going on how good they are and how exceptionally well his project is going, would be a very very bad thing The Halofiles Team
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