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Well here is the next bungie weekly update, and here are some of the imporant questions: [quote]What do you think of the 360? Have you played it? What are your impressions? As I mentioned above, I have been lucky enough to play around with the controllers and the machine itself. It's lovely. The color is weird, hard to describe – it's not exactly white and pearlescent would be the wrong way to describe it. It's sort of deep and shiny looking, and the contrast with the honeycomb vents, and the hard drive attachment is really nice. I keep reading on the forums about how it can't stand horizontally – erm, it stands perfectly well. I will probably end up placing mine horizontally too, since the shelves on my entertainment center are too short for vertical placement. I'm looking forward to playing almost everything, from Perfect Dark Zero to Project Gotham 3. Those cars looked sick. I can also reveal that I had a chance to see Kameo up close and personal. It's utterly lovely. And full of surprises. And being a huge Ghost Recon fan…[/quote] Well if the devs are getting their hands on these, then it should be comming this winter:D [quote]Is Bungie gonna be at E3? Sorta. Sketch is going down, dressed as a booth babe no doubt, and he'll be on hand to help folks play through the five remaining maps. That will be the first chance folks will have to play them outside of these offices, so it should be fun. Also, Sketch will be quite the social butterfly, attending a legendary SoCal LAN party and having the BEST SALSA EVER MADE. Deanero, get your Taco guy to send some back with Sketch. I am begging you.[/quote] who knows, they may have halo 3 there, but are hiding it untill they unveil it... [quote]When exactly is Volume 2 of the Halo 2 soundtrack coming out? I can't tell you exactly, because we still don't have a definitive date. But it will be available in summer, hopefully around or shortly after the release of the map pack retail disc. The new material is a collector's dream, although if you're looking for a sort of broad soundtrack, I'd still recommend the original version. This new one is packed with stuff that we couldn't fit on the original soundtrack and tends towards the more obscure (but often cooler) tracks. We'll have more details on that pretty soon. Marty has actually finished assembling the album, and gathering rare snippets with a couple of special guest musicians we may never identify.[/quote] I am not sure how many of you are waiting for this, but your going to have to wait longer:( [quote]Why isn't the Fuel Rod gun available in multiplayer? Two very good reasons, performance and balance. It's waaaaay too powerful for most of the Halo 2 maps, and it also chugs when you have more than a couple on screen at once. It would have been cool, but we have to make sure all the weapons are as balanced as possible and we have to keep the frame rate nice and smooth. Fuel Rod gun would have killed both.[/quote] Well there is the answear for all you people who like the fuel rod gun. [quote]Now that the 360 has been unveiled, are you guys going to unveil Halo 3 for Xbox 360? We're quite some time away from announcing what our next game is and for which platform. We'll tell you when we're ready to talk about it. The 360 looks sweet though. I've seen one in real life and it looks even better up close. Personally, I am very excited to have a new thing to attach to my HDTV. And the controller rules. Obvious MS bias aside, I can tell you it's one of my favorite controllers ever. Wires suck. Anyone who's used a Wavebird can tell you that. And now the subject has changed again.[/quote]
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