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Mr. Flammable is not around this week, so I am will be doing this week's update a day late. Bungie covered every Halo related topic aside from the movie this week. Bungie moved the Halo 2 XBL servers this week. The bans were moved about a hour later which let banned players play for that small amount of time. Bungie lost to the PMS girls in the humpday challenge this week. Bungie has signed off on the completed Halo novel by Eric Nylund, and a preview of the novel should be coming in a month or two. There was a small Halo 3 update this week. Frankie did and overview of the combat dialogue for Halo 3 along with the new AI. According to Frankie the AI enemies make any battle frighting with their realism. The good guys should be more helpful in Halo 3, and they went to driver's school.3 levels on Halo are now playable. The carbine is supposed to be like a sniper rifle when you are using an HDTV. The graphics are still being worked on. Water is still a grey blob, but foliage is detailed. The entire lighting model is in place in the levels, making them look better. Halo 2 PC is also playable and according to Frankie is is running with a "Slippery smooth frame rate and very high resolution graphics". He is also playing against the vista port team and owning them badly with an xbox 360 controller. Frankie only gave a nice image of 2401, the monitor in a hole meant for golf hole for an explanation for a lack of any information on the Halo movie this week. The entire story can be read [url=""]here[/url].
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