Triple Threat HALO CE Campaign

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A new mod for halo Ce is starting up. This mod's campaign will be about 8 to 10 hours in length and feature items from Halo, Halo 2 Quake... Shambler, Slicer Mantis, Lizard creatures, large fish, and more. The mod is in the extremly early stages with the story line finished already. Some of the content in the mod include: Civilians, both genders Civilians, Children H2 Grunts without masks in test tubes H2 Elites with new helmets Tech Engineers, Captain of The Luminance Spartan Triple Zero Prototype, the main character you will play Spartan 000's Brother Police SWAT Firemen UNSC Soldiers H2 Marines Orbital Drop Shock Troopers Brutes Buggers Guilty Spark 763 Prophet Minor Elipsis Desert UNSC Soldiers Vehicles: * Revenant Interceptor * Covered Transport Warthog * AxeCloud Interceptor * SCARAB * ORION * Gauss Warthog * Laag Warthog * Motorcycle * and ext... Areas of the Campaign: * The Luminance, Opening cutscene with the Masterchief blowing up a covenant cruiser in the H2 Return to sender cutscene, and camera rotates over to The Luminance, a starship that holds Spartan 000 and getting him refitted with new prototype armor any normal human can wear. * New York, Part Near the Brooklin Bridge. * Solace and Fortitude Covenant Frigate Class 3, 4 Scarab Bays. * Solace and Fortitude Covenant Battle Net, When Spartan 000 hacks in and does a cyber battle. * Solace and Fortitude Part 2, where Spartan 000 and the Heretic Elite escape together. * Vertigo City, where the Solace and Fortitude crash lands and Spartan 000 meets up with the soldiers and plans the attack to take back the city. * Vertigo City Battle Matrix, yet again, another hacking cyberfight job. * Vertigo City, Vertigo Rumble Final Stage. Vehicles are A Warthog, A Scarab, an ORION (Human Scarab), and The Solace and Fortitude. * Silence of Space, when Spartan 000 is to deliver a bomb to a covenant capital ship, which flood have taken over, *Flood Juggernaut anyone?* * Moridean Ringworld, a HALO that is mostly water and filled with sea creatures, Spartan 000 escapes using a forerunner ship. * Event Horizon, Spartan 000's forerunner ship gets captured by High Charity and Spartan 000 is imprisoned for a bit but escapes. * Elipsis, Desert Planet with a Human ghost colony fail safe incase earth is destroyed. Spartan 000 ends up there and fights along side soldiers to defent the primary base. Then later has to escape a squad of Seraphs in a new Revenant (Covenant Interceptor Aircraft), and use a warp tube to warp out. * Broken Home, Spartan 000 returns to his birth place, Reach, and finds his brother and they plan a rescue for the city. They steal covenant aircraft and warp back to earth in another warp tube. The warp tube is blown up behind them by a bomb. * Endgame, As the civilians and Spartan 000 warp out, so does the forerunner ship with the masterchief riding inside it. Strider Vega Core will continue to update the fourms with the progess of the mod as it near completion The fourm thead can be read [url=""]here[/url]
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