Ultimate Dragon won a 360 core system and an advnaced c0py of Halo 3!

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Ultimate_Dragon has been participating in the ARG Ilovebees2 for the past month. For those of you wondering what Ilovebees2 is all about, ill start with Ilovebees1. Ilovebees1 was an Alternate Reality Game that involved solving puzzles and riddles and clues that eventually led up to Halo 2 before it came out. This is why ILB1 is in Halo 2's credits near the end. Ilovebees2 started early March with it appearing to be originally for Oblivion. However as time went on, the story went hugely in depth and it cost UD many hours of sleep trying to figure out clues. Last night around 3am Eastern, the game came to a close. The winners were then given prizes. Guess who got a prize? UD I have now a Halo 3 and 360 core on the way to my house... I'm even tracking the UPS package as it travels across Colorado ATM. ^.^ can't wait till it gets here! (BTW..Shadow gave me an advanced copy of Halo 2 Vista and Vista itself. THX SHADOW!)
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