Weekly Poll Results - Did anything in Halo 3 disappoint you?

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Published by shadow43289 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Did anything in Halo 3 disappoint you?

No, it's a gem of perfection 42.8% (165)
Yes, it's flawed 25.1% (97)
Its ok 22.8% (88)
Halo 3? 9% (35)
Total: 385
Start: 05-31-2008 21:02
Last: 06-09-2008 07:11

 #1 - Posted by: biohazard4 (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 00:00


 #2 - Posted by: Jacob_MacAbre (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 03:04

The multiplayer is awesome but the campaign was WAAAY too short! I wanted more kick ass action!

 #3 - Posted by: Admiral_Cole (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 06:29

ok campaign would make halo 3 a great game. but thers matchmaking as well, so its an awesum game. better than the rest. then they added forge....OMG has any game ever come close to this b4?????? then....to put the cherry on the cake...they added theatre, just to show off how this is the best game ever.....now machinima and amature film makers are having one long year of hay days!! maybe if they got rid of forge and theatre id say that it was just one of the top games....but they didnt so its clearly the best gamde ever made. period. flawless because every flaw can be exploited in forge for fun (armless trick ect)

 #4 - Posted by: Killzi (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 11:24

its cool. only problem: I don`t own an xbox...(played at a friends house.

 #5 - yes - Posted by: bob_345 (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 13:18

halo 3 is perfect besides the glitches, but maby bungie left the glitches there like ulimetid money in forge

 #6 - Posted by: acidfluxxbass (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 16:00

io randomly found myself behind the fencing in foundry... and then on the big wall in valhalla, then looking at a paper man at standoff... then on the big tower outsude the minefield on sand-trap.. then ................................................ LOL

 #7 - Posted by: gotoprime (Member) on 06-01-2008 at 18:20

On the level Cortana, in the generator roon, about 85% of the Flood don't do anything. They just stand there. There

 #8 - Posted by: Cheezmasta (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 04:37

yes it's flawed, but nothing's perfect. it's still damn good though

 #9 - Posted by: LeaNikkaya (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 10:08

yes, there's a big flaw. i have to save 5 years for an xbox 360, and by that time, it's out for pc probably.

 #10 - lol - Posted by: GrdAdmSenza (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 13:42

Halo 3 is pretty good, but it definitely has its flaws, for one the ranking system sucks, once you get to lieutenant theres no more point to ranking, since there are no more rewards. and it also takes forever to rank up. The multiplayer maps feel very artificial at times, some of the more recent ones are excellent however. Also, forge, while cool, isnt as original as people think, its been done before, and better, on any number of games, the controls in forge are too clumsy to allow for precise placement unless you get lucky, plus you dont have the ability to actually make your own map from scratch, like has been done in some strategy games, i suppose it would be harder in a fps, but still. If they make another halo fps they really need to take a look at call of duty 4, and see what they can do there. However, its still a great game, no game is perfect, though.

 #11 - Posted by: klcdeathman (Member) on 06-02-2008 at 19:35

there probley isnt going to be a halo 3 pc bungie broke up with microsoft

 #12 - Posted by: chooxz (Member) on 06-03-2008 at 06:50

Yes, they broke up, but if anymore work needs to be done about the Halo Trilogy, they'll work together only about Halo

 #13 - Posted by: echoranger449 (Member) on 06-03-2008 at 08:09

"Halo" belongs to microsoft. They'll make it for pc if they want to. Bungie can make more Halo games as long as it's not another game in the series. Bungie does, however, still own the Halo Universe.

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