Weekly Poll Results - Did anything in Halo 3 surprise you?

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Published by TheSlinger 10 years ago , last updated 1 year ago


Did anything in Halo 3 surprise you?

Doughnut 43.8% (150)
Yes 41.8% (143)
No 14.3% (49)
Total: 342
Start: 06-09-2008 07:30
Last: 06-19-2008 09:30

 #1 - Posted by: zoxin0 (Member) on 06-09-2008 at 13:28

No clue what doughnut means, but still I voted it :D

 #2 - Posted by: phelanlikesmods (Member) on 06-09-2008 at 18:29

I think there is a object in halo 3 that looks like a donut but idk lol

 #3 - Posted by: Greenvalv (Staff) on 06-09-2008 at 22:05

Some things I expected, some I was completely blown away with... and for a while there at the end, I thought the chief actually died...

 #4 - Posted by: shadow43289 (Staff) on 06-10-2008 at 04:08

For our friends in the USA living with the hardships of the language barrier (j/k)... doughnut is the correct spelling of 'donut' :p

 #5 - Posted by: Admiral_Cole (Member) on 06-10-2008 at 05:40

right on! my british bro! well still no idea why doughnut is there as there was no object in forge that looked like a doughnut. i chose yes coz 'foundry', the heroic map pack, surprised me in its change from normal forge maps. it was just so different.

 #6 - Posted by: haloxtreme (Member) on 06-10-2008 at 06:34

i remeber the forward unto dawn almost laned on top of my head in the ark and threw some AA wraith at me. that was unexpected for the first time

 #7 - Posted by: Cowkid9 (Member) on 06-10-2008 at 17:02

I agree with cole the soccer balls new effects are alot cool than halo 2

 #8 - Posted by: 343guiltymc (Member) on 06-10-2008 at 17:39

Yeah......Are you running out of poll ideas shadow?

 #9 - Posted by: Eragonx (Member) on 06-10-2008 at 18:11

:donut::donut::donut: i voted donut cause i don't have halo3 but it's still awsome

 #10 - Posted by: Admiral_Cole (Member) on 06-11-2008 at 02:43

oh god ye i forgot bout that campaign mission where the forward unto dawn goes over ure head. THAT WAS AMAZING! i have never seen anything like that, that big, that fast, LANDING ON MY HEAD! i took a couple of screenshots of that!.... hmmm i dont know if its against the forum rules but im going to post a link to my file share so u guys can see it. http://www.bungie.net/Stats/Halo3/Default.aspx?player=Admiral%20M%20Cole soz if thats not allowed-just remove the link if it isnt but the dawn really is a good ship that deserves a screenshot or 2.

 #11 - Posted by: Admiral_Cole (Member) on 06-12-2008 at 08:56

#update: its in my hi-res screenshots not my fileshare if u have a look. just click the tab and there are 10 shots i think

 #12 - Red vs Blue - Posted by: gotoprime (Member) on 06-17-2008 at 18:32

There is a Egg of Doughnut on one the levels from the Red vs Blue series.

 #13 - DOUGHNUT! - Posted by: crazyrobomonkey5000 (Member) on 06-18-2008 at 19:12

Donut is just supposed to be random, and im feeling random so i voted 4 it! :D

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